Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The God Flow Chart

(I didn't create this chart. I downloaded it from tumblr. I would credit the creator of it if I knew who it was. Thank you)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Veteran or Ex Military?

Ever notice how two terms can mean the exact same thing, but sound different?

In movies and on TV, whenever someone is referred to as “ex military”, it’s done in a way to make him (or her, but almost always him in Hollywood) sound like an outcast; definitely dangerous, most likely armed, and possibly even sinister.

On the other hand, the word veteran almost always sounds like the hero. Ready to save the day. Or, he could just be the old guy in the nursing home.

So there you go. The shifty guy with the conspiracy theories and the hidden cache of weapons is “ex military”. Your grandpa is a “veteran”.

Why the hell is that?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

You Got a License For That Marriage?

So, my mind just wanders off into "What if...?"  territory a lot. The last couple of days, here's what I've been wondering.

Several states have amended their constitutions or enacted laws saying that they will not only not allow homosexual marriages or civil unions, but also that they won't recognize such marriages performed in other states.

Are we really at that point? Where a state tells the citizenry of another state "We don't agree with your system of marriage licensing, and we won't acknowledge your marriage"?

If so, then what's to stop a retaliation? For example, Massachusetts could now say "Fine. We also won't recognize any marriage performed in North Carolina as valid in our state, so if you marry in NC and move here, you won't be allowed to visit your 'life partner' in Intensive Care or make critical medical decisions for him/her in a crisis."

And then, where does it end? Refusing insurance bought in other states? Not acknowledging driver's licenses from other states? Invalidating birth certificates? High school diplomas?

All this stems from imposing religion onto law, backed up by intentional ignorance, and bigotry.