Thursday, February 26, 2015


                I saw a photo recently. It’s inspired me. Inspired my heart, my hope, and even my desire to write again.

Recently, the Gypsy Motorcycle Club lost yet another brother. You’d think that after more than two decades of carrying this patch and losing family, I’d have gotten used to it, but loss just isn’t something you get used to. Actually, that’s a good thing. It means I still have a heart.

The photo is of our Fallen Brother’s son being hugged and comforted by a brother. It’s such a simple photo; one that a lot of people would skim over; scroll past in their social network feed. But they’d miss so much. Such a simple photo carries such weight.

It’s heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. It hurts to see a child mourn the loss of a parent. It hurts to see someone feeling the loss of another that they shared no blood with, yet still loved as a brother. Hell, I’m choked up and my eyes are blurry as I type this, and the funeral was weeks ago.

But it’s also heartwarming. I see family love that’s freely given and accepted with no need of blood or marriage bond. I see in it the promise that although Dad may be gone, there are plenty of men who will each take on a small part of that role in the years to come.

Most outsiders have no clue. They see the colors, the patch, and they just think we’re a bunch of godless heathens out for a good time. They think all we share is rides and parties. No, they have no fucking clue. To those who wear a patch, the words "brother" and "sister" mean just that - they're not empty syllables to be spoken to someone we just met at a bar or rally. They don’t know about the middle of the night breakdowns, when all it takes is a phone call to have help. They don’t know about the emergency room and ICU visits, with dozens of people telling the hospital staff “I’m his brother” or “I’m his sister” to be able to get in when they tell us “immediate family only”.  They don’t see us helping each other move, helping celebrate marriages and births, or being there in times of grief. They don’t see us simply being with each other – as a family.

Gypsy Rooster and Gypsy Jr Member MacGyver

When the world is falling apart, we’re there for each other. That’s what I see in that photo. That’s what I feel from my club. My family.

GFFG (Gypsy Forever Forever Gypsy)
LGDG (Live Gypsy Die Gypsy)