Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Instant gratification? Hell, yes!

(Originally written by Worth Cadenhead on Sunday, August 8, 2010)

So, yesterday as we were about to head out on our ride, a brother commented on the price of his bike. Not bragging; he just called it a $20,000 vibrator. I got to thinking about that later, and about all the crap bikes I've had over the years. I also thought about how I've never had a really good paying job; never finished a college education.
I started wondering if I'd done it all right. Maybe I should've buckled down and focused on that degree after I got out of the Navy. Maybe I should have deferred all the little enjoyments until later and I'd have been able to do them "bigger and better". Instead, I joined a motorcycle club not long after I got out of the Navy, and didn't pay much attention to studies. With no education, and no real marketable job skills (I was in intelligence in the military, which doesn't translate to much as a civilian), I wasn't exactly able to be choosy in my job choices, but I tried to be anyway - I only worked at jobs that had me at work day shifts Monday to Friday, leaving my nights and weekends free. Again, that lack of education left me with little pay if I wanted to limit the jobs I was wiling to accept. Little pay translated into eating cheaper food, drinking cheaper booze, smoking cheaper cigarettes (shouldn't have smoked at all, of course), and owning cheaper bikes and cars (when I've even had cars).
I look at people who really focused on their education, and on "getting their lives on track". Sure, they're able to have nicer things. Sometimes. But, sometimes, "the right time" just never comes along, does it? A lot of folks put that kind of thing off until "the right time" (whatever that is), only to never do it.
Even if the time comes, in their late 30s or so, and they buy that nice, high dollar bike (or boat, or RV, or whatever), here's the thing that finally occurred to me: While they were looking forward to their top of the line Gold Wing, Winnebago, yacht, etc.....I was RIDING my crappy bikes. I was doing what they were looking forward to. Sure, it wasn't in luxury, and sure, I had some lemons, but I also had brothers from other mothers and sisters from other misters who understood and helped and got helped along the way. So, does the yuppie who buys his $25,000 Harley Davidson have any more fun on it than I do on my $6000 Suzuki? No, I don't think so. Matter of fact, knowing where I stand, and where I've been, I may even enjoy it more. And I started it a long time ago, so I get to enjoy it longer.

So, I no longer have any regrets about "not doing the right thing" and deferring my enjoyment of life. I've had rough spots, but hell - that's where stories come from! I've spent a lot of time thinking that I was missing something, but the truth is, I've had a great Ride. And I'm gonna keep on riding. Come on and join me. If you've been putting off, stop waiting and start living.

So......we gonna Ride? Or are we gonna dick around all day?

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  1. I'll take a 6000 dollar ride over a 25000 dollar dream any day brother, screw em, let's ride. I'd also rather ride it than stand around talking about how much I spent on my ride, that's parked and not doing me a damn bit of good. Then again, as I always say, that's just me. As for everything else you talked about...ditto!