Monday, September 5, 2011

Salute To The Heroes

I live about twenty five miles from Bastrop, TX. Until about two years ago, I lived about eight miles away. There's a secondary fire on the road that houses the RV park where I used to live. It just occurred to me that if I hadn't gotten with my Other Half, and if we hadn't had Baby Girl, I would have been still living there, only I would have been at a party at the clubhouse of the Dallas chapter of my MC. I probably would've gotten home Sunday just in time to not be allowed to go home. I would've had the clothes on my back, and my motorcycle.

Also, sixteen years ago, my ex and I had a house fire and lost everything but clothes and furniture from one end of the house.

I have a whole hell of a lot of respect for firefighters. I saw my garage enveloped in flames that January night in 1995. I can't imagine running INTO a fire. Pure courage. The word "hero" just doesn't seem adequate. And to think there are people who do this as volunteers? It's not even their paid profession, but they risk their lives to save ours.

To all firefighters, volunteer or professional:


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