Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Sounds of a Good Day

Alarm goes off. You don't mind, because it's an hour later than usual and you're not going to work.

Hot shower running.

Bacon sizzling.

Coffeepot gurgling.

Garage door being rolled open.

Bike firing up in the garage.

“You ready, babe? Climb on.”

Clunk. First gear.

Motorcycle accelerating.

Greetings from brothers and sisters.

Waitress pouring a second cup of coffee.

Pack of bikes starting up in morning air.

Kickstands clatter up.

RPMs rising and falling as riders shift gears.

Kickstands click down and scrape onto gas station pavement.

Gas pumping.

Clink of Zippos.

Sodas and beers snick and hiss open.

Bikes roar back on the road.

Bikes power down.

Gravel crunching under tires.

“Welcome to the ______ Rally!”

Tents, sleeping bags thump onto the ground.

Hammers pound tent stakes.

Beers snick open, liquor bottle seals are broken.

(edited slightly from Worth Cadenhead's facebook post April 12, 2011)

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  1. I remember these from your FB post and enjoyed reading over them again. Good picks!