Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I Wonder...

...if anyone missed me here?

I’ve been too tired, burned out, and over-worked to write the last few months. The hours were too long at the dealership, and the commissions were too little. I did learn a lesson, though. A couple, actually. One: I am NOT cut out for commission sales. I need a predictable income; I need to know that if I show up and do my job, that my income isn’t based on how charming I was or on the whims of customers. Two: Be wary of turning your passion into your work. Your passion risks becoming just a fucking job. Luckily I got out before motorcycles lost their attraction for me.

Yes, I was let go from the dealership Saturday night. I totally understand. They knew I was looking for another job, and even though I tried to do my best, I’m sure my efforts weren’t really 100%. My numbers just weren’t there. No hard feelings toward me from them, or from me toward them. Business is business, right? The boss was telling me he hated having to do it, that it sucked, etc. I told him I’d been in his spot before (I was in retail management for over a decade), and I completely understood.

Anyhow, if anyone did notice my absence, know that I’m back. I have some posts in mind.

Also, I’ve been invited to write occasional posts for publication on www.youmotorcycle.com and www.bikermetric.com. I should have my first pieces ready sometime this week, so keep an eye on those sites. I’m also going to try to motivate myself to work on my other blog more regularly now: http://twowheeledobsession.blogspot.com/

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