Thursday, October 6, 2011


Would you read a book and try to drive at the same time? How about a letter?

Would you try to write a letter while driving in traffic?
Of course not.

So, why the HELL do you risk the safety and lives of everyone around you by trying to read, type, and send fucking text messages while you're pretending to be in control of a car? You can't even stay in your own lane half the time.

DWT (Driving While Texting) just might be worse than DWI. At least drunk drivers try to pay attention to their driving, asshole.


  1. That's why I want

  2. Do you realize how much crap is in the front seat of my work car?

    There is an MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) that I am sometimes dispatched via. There is a radio. There is my blue-tooth cell phone. The dash cam blocks have the windshield, the radar blocks a hunk, the controls to all the pretty disco light and noise-maker, as well as a spotlight.

    I'm surprised me we don't crash more often than we do.

  3. Brent, I don't think that would be much better, man. You'd still be thinking too much about your messaging, and not paying enough attention to your surroundings.

  4. Mark, the biggest (relevant) difference between people like you and people like the latte swilling, texting, swerving drivers I see every day is that you've been TRAINED to drive under adverse conditions. That said, please tell me you're not facebooking on your phone while on patrol...