Thursday, November 24, 2011


I don't usually get into the idea of a contrived "I'm thankful for ..." speech/toast/post, but for whatever reason, inspiration took hold just now. So, in no particular order and not complete, here's a quick list just off the top of my head:

  • My children; and their laughter, smiles, and hugs
  • My Love and her embraces, laughter and smiles
  • Voices of relatives on the phone
  • Motorcycles
  • Good coffee
  • Tattoos
  • Living in a cool city in a moderate climate
  • Brothers and sisters who are related by choice, not by blood
  • Both the right and the ability to speak my mind (even if I'm clearer with a keyboard than in person)
  • This digital medium to stay in contact with so many people from all aspects and periods of my life

Whatever it is that triggers your gratitude, hang onto it and enjoy it and appreciate it every day, not just today. You never know when some or all of it will be whisked away from you.


  1. "Moderate" climate?

    There are places you can get help with your delusions, you know.

  2. Um, yes, the southern half of the US is considered a moderate climate. It is neither tropical, subtropical, arctic or subarctic. Granted, the last two summers have been exceptionally hot, but compared with climates worldwide, Texas is moderate. Idaho, on the other hand is a bit extreme.