Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How A Bike Motor Should Be

I keep thinking about my bike and her engine. Super reliable - five years, fifty thousand miles, and only routine maintenance so far. I put her on a dyno a couple years ago, and granted, she’s got a Yoshimura aftermarket exhaust, but that’s the only performance mod. 101 hp at the wheel. 71 ft lb peak torque. Just over 400 pounds. Kick ass high revving V twin growl. Nice neutral, comfortable riding position. Regular fucking gas, not premium. 42 miles for every gallon. Fifty mpg if I keep it at 55 mph (I only know that because I got caught in construction traffic on a holiday weekend for an hour or so once).

Reliable. Economical. Powerful. Cool sound. Everything a motorcycle engine should be. Why aren’t they all like this?


  1. And why did they only have the naked one for 2 years!? I love my 650, but sometimes (really only when riding with 2 people) it feels underpowered. Also, I must be doing something wrong, smaller engine and my gas mileage is only slightly better! (46 mpg)

  2. Actually, they only did the naked 1000 one year. The 650 hung on for a few. Your mileage should be considered impressive - smaller motor, less hp, pushing almost the same weight around.
    I bet if you rode a 650 cruiser two up for a while, you wouldn't consider your SV under powered anymore, either. Just a thought.
    Thanks for reading!